Membership Benefits   


The CUMTA uses the Achievement in Music (AIM) program, a motivating curriculum available to music teachers throughout the state of Illinois.


AIM is designed to develop strong performance and technical skills in piano as well as a thorough understanding of music theory.

For more information on the AIM program, please contact our AIM Chair, Sarah Schwartz at and click here

Scholarship Auditions

CUMTA offers scholarship to students who win the CUMTA Scholarship Auditions.


For more information on the CUMTA Scholarship Competition, contact Sue Crawford, our Treasurer and Scholarship Report, at

Student Recitals

CUMTA provides performance opportunities to students.


Any student enrolled in music lessons with a private teacher that is an MTNA member can join the CUMTA Student Recitals.


All instruments are welcome. Performances are free and open to the public. 

For more information on the CUMTA Student Recitals, please contact: 


Larisa Chasanov at

Linnea Mueller at

Workshop / Masterclass / Discussion

CUMTA offers workshop with special guest artist, masterclasses with distinguished music professors, and discussion with U of I Student Chapter Members.  

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