Achievement in Music   

Achievement in Music

What is AIM?

The CUMTA uses the Achievement in Music (AIM) program, a motivating curriculum available to music teachers throughout the state of Illinois.

Purpose of AIM

AIM is designed to develop strong performance and technical skills in piano as well as a thorough understanding of music theory. It is through these acquired skills and increased musical knowledge that students are able to perform both with confidence and with a high level of musicianship.


There are twelve levels in the AIM Syllabus, with each level containing theory, performance, and technical requirements that follow a logical progression of skills from early elementary through advanced levels.

Preparation & Test 

Students generally prepare one level each year and demonstrate their competency at annual local AIM Examinations, which are conducted by experienced judges in a comfortable and non-competitive setting. Any member of CUMTA may enroll students in the AIM program


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Please contact our AIM Chair, Sarah Schwartz at

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Order AIM Syllabi & Workbooks

To order AIM syllabi and workbooks, visit ISMTA website: AIM syllabi and AIM workbooks.